2-Way DVB-T Diversity Demodulator




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The RXH0-1120 is a cost effective diversity 2 DVB-T professional demodulator, addressing Video Links market. It has been especially designed to operate in harsh environment with multipath echoes, noisy channels and Doppler effects. RXH0-1120 can be easily integrated into a two antenna receiving station to ensure stable reception in mobile conditions (even at high speed).

Furthermore, the wide input frequency range allows to use the RXH0-1120 at various transmission frequency thanks to external down-converters with fixed local oscillator.

High performance and Reliability

 Based on powerful DiBcom chips, RXH0-1120 includes all the state-of-the-art technological features for DVB-T demodulation, providing high input sensitivity and robustness against noise and Doppler effect. The MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) algorithm ensures service continuity thanks to a decision mechanism that computes each of the COFDM carriers.

Fastest Time to market

RXH0-1120 product consists of a compact and powerful unit, especially designed for fast and easy integration. Designers can elect to manage the TeamCast module by using the open and easy to use serial protocol, to use TeamCast PC software or to develop their own GUI as required.


Compact size

RXH0-1120 integrates a two channels receiving process that supports all DVB-T modes with several channel bandwidths. The RXH0-1120 small sizes ease its integration in monitoring system or solutions for Video Links. 


Key features:

  • 2-way antenna diversity demodulator
  • All DVB-T modes supported
  • 5,6, 7 and 8 MHz channels over wide RF band
  • Monitoring features (MER, BER, RF level, C:N+I, etc)
  • MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) algorithm
  • Compact size for easy OEM integration
  • Single 12V power supply

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