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DVB-T2 trial in Germany

Rennes, December 17, 2010.  DVB-T2 trial in Germany:TeamCast enables advanced field tests of DVB-T2 transmission with Multi-PLP & SFN-MISO.
TeamCast, the renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Mobile Television has partnered with MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH, Germany’s national DTT operator to support the DVB-T2 Project in North Germany.


 TeamCast appoints Mark Polovick as Vice President of Sales for TeamCast Inc.
Chicago, Illinois (USA), November 29 2010.
  TeamCast, the renowned leader in advanced solutions for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Mobile Television and D-ENG Digital Electronic News gathering, announces the appointment of Mark Polovick as Vice President of Sales for TeamCast Inc. (Chicago Office).


Iteam to use TeamCast's DVB-T2 demodulator

Rennes, France, November 10, 2010. Iteam, the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (research center of the Universidad Politechnica de Valencia, Spain) has selected TeamCast for tis DVB-T2 demodulator for its Digital Video Broadcast test-bed.

 Logo Nat Expo 2009

TeamCast presents at NAT EXPO 2010 in Moscow

Moscow, Russia - November 5, 2010. TeamCast Will exhibit at the NAT EXPO 2010, on November, 16-19.

TeamCast will highlight its complete product range at NAT EXPO, including its new DVB-T dedicaded modulators MAX and MHX.


 TeamCast and T-VIPS announce at IBC new product features supporting MISO transmission and Multi-PLP
Rennes, France & Oslo, Norway - September 10 2010. TeamCast, a renowned leader in advanced solutions for DTT and Mobile Television, and T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, announce the availability of new product features supporting MISO transmission and Multi-PLP in DVB-T2.

Scalable digital modulator solution for Terrestrial DTV
Rennes, France - September 10 2010. TeamCast announces the new MAX and MHX solution release, now available for the DVB-T network roll-out.

TeamCast extends the range of application for its DVB-T antenna diversity receivers
Rennes, France - September 10 2010. TeamCast has now extended its range of diversity receivers wich support Internet Protocol (IP) working.

DVB-T2 Test Bench from TeamCast

Rennes, France - September 10 2010. TeamCast has developed a complete DVB-T2 solution and complementary test bench set.

The SME 42 project at the heart of DVB-T2

Rennes, France - September 10 2010. The SME42 project (SME for T2, a Eureka/Eurostars project) is presenting its key results at IBC 2010, in the New Technology Campus.

TeamCast presents at IBC'2010 conferences 

Rennes, France - September 1 2010. TeamCast will be making presentations at the IBC'10 in Amsterdam, on the 9th September, 2010, from 16:30 til 18:00.



TeamCast presents at SET2010 in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20 August 2010. Gérard Faria, CTO of TeamCast, will be conducting presentations at the SET2010- Congreso de Technologia de Televisao in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the August 26th, during the Broadcast&Cable 2010 Event.


Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20 August 2010. TeamCast announces the new ISDB-T/TB firmware release, which is available on the MHX-3000 modulator platform, and adresses in particular the emerging DTV markets in South-America.


Kazakhstán’s media operator, AO Kazteleradio, to use TeamCast’s DVB-T2 solutions in pilot trial

Rennes, July 21, 2010. TeamCast is involved in the Kazakhstan's DVB-T2 broadcasting trial in the city of Karaganda, with the media operator AO Kazteleradio and V-LUX too.


New White Paper! Coming Next: 3D Television over DVB-T2!

Rennes, June 2, 2010. In a context of where there is a massive push for new digital channels and new digital content, the interest in 3D content and its delivery to consumers is growing exponentially. In parallel, the second generation of the terrestrial Digital TV standard, known as DVB-T2, is being rolled-out in the UK, and this is therefore a great opportunity for broadcasters who want more transmission capacity for more value-added services based on HDTV content.


'B21C' Project is rewarded with the "2009 Celtic Silver Award"

Rennes (France), April 23, 2010. TeamCast, co-ordinator of the 'B21C' Project (Broadcast for the 21st Century) had the honour of receiving the coveted '2009 Celtic Silver Award' on the occasion of the 5th annual CELTIC Event, to he held on 13th April this year in Valencia, Spain.


NAB 2010 -Linear and TeamCast to collaborate on Gap-Filler Market Products
Las Vegas (USA), April 12, 2010.
Linear Equipamentos Electronicos, a global leader in the manufacture of low, medium, and high power transmitters for the Broadcast TV market, announced today an agreement to acquire rights to manufacture the TeamCast GFX-0300 repeater in Brazil for incoporation into the company's Gap-Filler product portofolio.


NAB 2010 - MHX-3230 for ATSC markets

Las Vegas (USA), April 12, 2010. TeamCast will release a new MHX-3000 product, supporting 8-VSB modulation for the ATSC markets. The MHX-3230 model incluses both ASI and SMPTE stream inputs and has been especially designed to meet the phase noise performance requirements necessary for the ATSC networks.

 NAB 2010- Vega RF Channel Simulator

Las Vegas (USA), April 12, 2010. TeamCast will show Vega, its new Channel Simulator f or T&M market. Vega is the first channel simulator product in the world which provides an stand-alone solution that can be connected to any source DTV and Mobile TV signal


TeamCast and Ditocom unite to form a new initiative for the digital video transmission market

Rennes (France), March 4, 2010. TeamCast, the company based in St.Grégoire, France, specialising in Digital Terrestrial Television technologies, has today announced the purchase of the company Ditocom of Chateaugiron, France, who specialise in DVB-S2 satellite broadcast technologies.

  MHX-3000 High-end Digital Modulator

Rennes (France), March 1, 2010 - TeamCast a renowned leader in advanced solutions for Digital Terrestrial Television (DRR) and Mobile Television, will launch MHX-3000, a high-end Digital Modulator with the latest state-of-the art Digital Adaptive Pre-correction.

  MWC 2010 - DiBCom and TeamCast together a world winning strategy
Barcelona (Spain), February 15, 2010 - TeamCast and DiBcom are two leaders in advanced technology solutions for mobile television and Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). Together, they are presenting, during the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona (from the 15th to the 18th February 2010), their programmable modulation and demodulation solutions, which cover the entire range of digital broadcast standards in operation around the world.
         TeamCast releases a new software version for its Power4-T2
Rennes (France), February 4, 2010.  TeamCast has released a new software version for its DVb-T2 modulator, the market-leading Power 4-T2, which supports the new T2-MI input stream interface as well as the SFN (Single Frequency Network) operating mode.
 TeamCast intervient au CSTB 2010
Rennes (France), January 29, 2010. 
TeamCast will be making presentations at the 12th occasion of CSTB in Moscow, Russia, on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th February,2010.



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